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New Album: Built for This, Press Release

New Album from Indie Singer-Songwriter is Not What You’d Expect

“Getting tough, with a unique touch, is what EMILY ANGELL brings to this world of pop.” - CHF

Thornwood, NY, January 9, 2019: The new single, Boss, from Independent singer/songwriter Emily Angell, will likely have millennial girls rolling down their car windows and shouting about how they run the town.

Built for This, the third studio EP from the harmonica-toting musician, is an electronic pop compilation of catchy melodies a la Bea Miller, Rachel Platten, and Madison Beer. Angell, who grew up on The Beatles, James Taylor, and Christina Aguilera has deviated from the acoustic stylings of her first two albums as well as her nice-girl-playing-guitar-in-the-corner of-the-local-bar persona. “I had my heart broken and I was listening to a lot of Cardi B., Krewella, and Rihanna to make myself feel better,” Angell notes in jest. “I needed to create a song that would empower people the way those artists did for me.”

That’s exactly what she’s accomplished with her new song Boss, which indie music blog calls “the anthem for you gals” and goes on to say “races into the subconscious of your mind and hooks in like – whoa.” Not one for sticking to genre lines, the remainder of Angell’s five-song project crosses sounds from country, to folk, to electronica. The final song in the collection, Keep Singing, laces Angell’s late grandfather’s harmonica with violin and orchestral elements to create a dramatic, pulsating tribute to those no longer with us.

Angell, who also produced the album, had a couple of noteworthy collaborators. David Andronico, who’s contributed songs to NBC’s This is Us, ABC’s Station 19, The UFC, among many others, co-produced and mixed the album. Angell notes “I couldn’t have done this without Dave. He pushed me out of my comfort zone, challenging me to write better songs and encouraging me to expand on my production skills.” The two met at The City College of New York’s Sonic Arts Center together in 2005 and have remained friends. In addition, the project was mastered by Oscar Zambrano of Zampol Productions, whose clients include Spotify and a host of Grammy Award winners. They met at Crushing Music right before the jingle mogul closed up shop in 2008. After that, Angell worked for Zampol. She notes “I learned everything about mixing and mastering from Oscar -- he was one of my greatest mentors.”

Angell’s new EP (short for extended play, which usually consists of 4-8 songs, respectively) was released December 9th and can be heard on all major outlets including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and many others. Visit, her facebook or instagram pages, or join Angell’s mailing list to hear more.

About Emily Angell

Singer/songwriter, producer, guitar and harmonica player from the Southern Tier of Upstate New York — is a description that only begins to scratch the surface of motivation-driven, harmony-obsessed Emily Angell. While some have compared her to Jewel and Alanis Morissette, she’s just as well known for moments of belting out Cristina-esque high notes or busting out the harmonica while deftly looping vocals with acoustic guitar.

Her latest album, Built For This, combines Electronic Pop, modern R&B and emotionally charged lyrics with themes of empowerment and melodies that are easily singable. Emily grew up on The Beatles and James Taylor along with The Phantom of the Opera and Free To Be You & Me soundtracks — thus it’s no surprise she enjoys creating songs that blur genre lines.

Emily’s debut self-released EP The Upset (2011) received praise for its simple, acoustic approach, landing her generous reviews from Women of Substance Radio and Her sophomore EP Let Go (2015) incorporated Folk and Rock influences and secured her spots opening for well-known names in Alternative Radio like American Authors and Dreamers.

Emily regularly laughs at her own jokes, refuses to wear pants, and eats plenty of tacos and donuts. She believes we should all laugh at ourselves a little more and that music will change the world.

"A bit folk, a bit roots, a bit electro-pop, Emily Angell combines motivating, inspiring lyrics, with a strong, steady optimism." - The Pleasantville Music Festival

"Angell… has a gift for making every cover sound like her own original piece.” - Town Vibe, Bedford



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